Terms of Harp Competition

  1. The Harp Contest of Professor Karel Patras is a contest for students playing the harp from the youngest up to a maximum age of 26 reached by the end of the year when the contest takes place. The founder and expert guarantee of the contest is Professor Patras’s graduate, Ms Vendulka Vaňková MgA.
  2. The organiser of the contest is Základní umělecká škola Jana Hanuše, Prague 6.
    Organising committee:
    Chairman – Miroslav Tengler, Headmaster of the school
    Expert Guarantee – Vendulka Vaňková MgA.
    Coordinator – Stanislava Bradová MgA.
  3. The contest has one round and is for participants from both the Czech Republic and abroad.
  4. The contestant can be accepted only if the application is endorsed by a school or another institution providing music education.
  5. The application can be sent electronically – see website www.zuspraha6.net, tag Harfová soutěž prof. Karla Patrase, or by post (in that case the application must be completed in capital letters or typewritten). The deadline for applications is the closing date of the contest.
  6. The contest repertoire must be fully stated, showing the complete name of the author, the composition title, movement – number and tempo.
  7. By sending the application, the participant expresses agreement with the conditions of the contest, published in the contest rules and information leaflet.
  8. The sending organisation is responsible for the accuracy of data included in the application. Wrong data may cause the disqualification of the participant.
  9. The contestants‘ performance will be evaluated and the order of the prizes established by a Jury appointed by the organiser of the contest. The Jury’s decision is final and unchangeable.
  10. When the contest finishes, a score sheet with the average scores of individual participants will be published. At the same time the Jury will choose contestants who will play at the winners‘ concert, and the scope of their performance will be determined.
  11. Should a contestant wish to raise an objection to the ongoing progress of the contest, they must refer directly to the Chairman of the Jury or the organising committee.
  12. The performance at the contest and the winners‘ concert are open to the public. Recording of the contestants‘ performance is only allowed with the approval of the participants or their legal representatives.
  13. The organiser does not provide sound or video recording.
  14. The organiser neither provides nor reimburses the  transport, board or lodging of the contestants.
  15. The contest gains finance from participation fees and appointed grants and uses it for organisational measures, remuneration, lodging and travel costs for jurymen and purchasing awards for contestants. Statement of account will be published.
  16. These contest rules are an integral part of  the announcement of the contest.